Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get my event listed in the calendar?

Answer: Unfortunately the calendar is not currently in use and we are not accepting entires. However, when it is up and running again, if your event occurs within the 2795 postcode area and is a non-commercial event to get your event listed in the calendar you will just need to send us an email with the full details. Once approved your event will automatically appear on the calendar.

Commercial calendar entries will be available at no cost to any business with an enhanced listing in the directory.

Q2. Can you build a web page for me?

Answer: Bathurst Community Website is currently looking at a website development partnership program with local web developers to facilitate web development within the local community beyond the provisions of

Business planning and policy development on this issue are underway. We are considering starting this process by engaging with current local web development projects such as those involved with local high schools and associated sponsors.

It is envisaged this partnership will assist local groups and local web developers to build websites that can be associated with

Q3. What are BCW’s marketing and promotion strategies? Will BCW accept advertising on the website?

Answer: Draft marketing and media plans have been developed. A major marketing strategy is underway. Policies relating to this strategy, including BCW advertising policy, will be determined by the organisation in the context of the business plan.

Local businesses interested in advertising or linking with the website should lodge their interest and needs via

Q4. What type of content will be included in the community website?

Answer: Initially, Bathurst Community Website will provide a directory type listing providing contact details, and where appropriate, website details for community organisations, local businesses, local services and many more categories of organisations in our community.

Additional features and functions will form part of web planning and development in which members will participate. This may include promotions, event calendars, email addresses eg: and associated website addresses for example: or

Q5. Why is membership available to the 2795 postcode area?

Answer: The Bathurst Community Website Inc has determined representative local membership for the ‘Bathurst area’ should include the people, services, businesses and organisations of the 2795 postcode, and membership has been defined to reflect this.

Q6. Will I need a website to be included on

Answer: No. We aim to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for everything about Bathurst, so we hope to be as exhaustive as possible in providing contact details of some sort for all community organisations and businesses. However, if you already have a website you will be able to further leverage the benefits of this by having it listed and linked to on the BCW site.

Q7. What has Bathurst Community Website Inc achieved to date?

Answer: Since forming the Bathurst Community Website Incorporated Association in March 2004, a nine member executive has been elected to get initial website development underway.

From this, sub-committees to generate feedback and content ideas formed, and early website planning design was begun.

In addition, the rules governing the association have been developed – these are included in a membership pack available to all new members.

Q8. What kind of reporting does Bathurst Community Website currently have to do?

Answer: As part of the One City One Site (OCOS) pilot program, the Bathurst Community Website Inc was required to report its progress to auDA. Now that the website is up and running we will have the chance to produce a final feedback report to auDA, which will assist in the final policy and future planning regarding the allocation of these new Australian geographic website addresses.

Q9. I’ve got no technical or website skills. Does this matter?

Answer: No! We need broad based community membership so that we can canvass your opinions, thoughts and ideas on delivering information to our community via this website. After all, it is people like Bathurst Community Website members who will be using the website, so it needs to be user-friendly, and helpful. You don’t need any experience to assist us achieve this.