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Pristine Water Systems, Central Tablelands

We supply water filters and clean water tanks.Bacteria control, water testing, bore water solutions, tank cleaning, etc. Domestic, commercial, rural.

Stored water in domestic holding tanks can appear clear and clean, but it is more than likely that your water tank will contain organic contaminants as well as bacteria such as E-Coli or Giardia, due to bird and animal droppings in catchments

Pristine Water Systems can quickly and easily remove contaminants from your water tank with a minimum of water wastage, we also control bacteria and provide solutions for all water imbalances

Yes we can clean your tank when it’s full


Although you may be using town water, you may notice chemical tastes and slight discolouring of the water. Chemicals have been added to the water to treat it for bacteria and other nasty elements found in un-treated water

Pristine Water Systems Australia have the Answer to remove those chemical tastes, odours and most importantly

The Unhealthy Chemicals and Heavy Metals used in Urban water supply systems

Our filters control these chemical tastes and odours, as well as inhibiting bacteria growth, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. They even fit right under the sink! 

1300 364 858
6 McLennan Close, Bathurst, NSW
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